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Rutgers University, whose full name is Rutgers University of New Jersey, is a public research university and the largest institution of higher learning in New Jersey. In the state, its academic reputation is second only to Princeton. In 2019 US News ranks 56th in the comprehensive ranking of American universities.
Rutgers University is one of the first eight higher education institutions established in the United States. Its contemporaneous universities include Harvard University, College of William and Mary, Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth College . The predecessor of Rutgers University was Queens College. At the beginning of its establishment, it was called the “sister school” with Columbia University (formerly known as King’s College). In the beginning, the school only accepted boys. It was not until 1918 that girls were admitted to school. The current Rutgers University-New Brunswick (Rutgers University-New Brunswick) was developed on the basis of Queens College. Later, the University of Newark and the College of Southern New Jersey joined Rutgers University in 1946 and 1950, respectively, and became the current campuses of Newark and Camden. With a profound historical heritage, while constantly enriching the disciplines and enhancing research capabilities, the three campuses with their own characteristics together constitute today’s Rutgers University.
In academic terms, Rutgers University-New Brunswick enjoys a high reputation and is hailed as a “public Ivy League” university by the American society, especially for mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science. , Information Science and other majors are well-known. Five alumni and professors of the school have won the Nobel Prize, four professors won the Pulitzer Prize, and one professor won the Fields Medal, which is called the “Nobel Prize in Mathematics.” Currently 49 members of the American Academy of Sciences and Arts (AAAS) and 18 members of the American Academy of Sciences and Engineering are teaching here. Well-known alumni of the school include Louis Free (former FBI Director), David Stern (former NBA Commissioner), and Sebastian Stein (yes, the “Winter Soldier” actor!) .