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Tufts University diploma

Tufts university diploma

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Tufts University is a well-known university in the Boston area. It is one of the five prestigious universities in Boston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Tufts University, Brandeis University, Boston College), and it is also one of 25 universities. One of the members of “New Ivy”. From student admissions, teacher teaching to academic research, the establishment of teaching and research facilities, and the evaluation of teacher performance, Tufts University follows the principle of winning by quality and focusing on innovation. Tufts University also pays attention to the value of disciplines in public services, and is known for its good internationalization and overseas study programs, and has overseas centers in Germany, Chile, China, and Ghana. Its school has one of the oldest and most prestigious international relations graduate schools in the United States, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The famous biomedical research center-Tufts New England Medical Center is the main teaching hospital of Tufts University School of Medicine.
In the main campus, the red bricks and green trees complement each other in splendor. It has been judged by the judges as one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States. The School of Dentistry, School of Medicine, Gerald and Friedman School of Nutritional Science and Policy, located in China Town in the center of Boston, is just one step away from many Chinese delicacies and close to Tufts Medicine center. All teachers who have full-time faculty positions at Tufts Medical School also undertake clinical work in the medical school. In the town of Grafton, west of Boston, there is Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Finally, in Falloires, France, there is a satellite campus called Tufts Europe Center. The campus was built in the 11th century, purchased by Donald MacJannet and his wife Charlotte in 1958, and donated to Tufts University in 1978.
Tufts is one of the universities known as the “little ivy” and was named one of the “25 new ivy” by Newsweek. In August 2010, Unigo named it one of ten lively “new ivy”. In the “Princeton Review” 2010-2011 “Best 363 Colleges and Universities”, Tufts ranked #14 among the happiest students’ universities, and its study abroad program ranked #3 in the United States. According to the ranking by The Chronicle of Higher Education in October 2010, Tufts ranked 12th in the United States in terms of Fulbright scholars (tied with Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University) ). Tufts University’s alumni also rank second in the United States as a Fortune 100 CEO (tied with the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College). Because of its status as an academic institution that continues to grow, Tufts University ranks fifth in the “hottest school of the decade” in the past decade.