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University of California Santa Barbara degree

UC Santa Barbara degree

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The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB, UC Santa Barbara) is located on a peninsula 120 miles north of Los Angeles and 10 miles north of the coastal town of Santa Barbara, surrounded by the sea on both sides and close to the Pacific Ocean. As one of the public Ivy League schools, UCSB has proud academic achievements and a beautiful campus environment. Every year, it attracts countless world-renowned research scholars to conduct further studies and academic research here. The campus can be divided into three parts: Main Campus, Storke Campus and West Campus. The three parts of the campus surround the Isla Vista community. The Ph.D. program of the Geography Department of UCSB is recognized as one of the most outstanding geography programs in the world, and has been rated as the best geography department by the National Research Council (NRC) many times.
The earliest branch of the University of California is Berkeley, Berkeley was founded in 1868, but the University of California actually originated from the California College established in Oakland, Northern California in 1853. The college was officially renamed the University of California in 1868. In 1873, the University of California officially moved in from downtown Oakland. At that time, the city of Berkeley was still empty. In memory of a great philosopher, the entire university city was named Berkeley.
In 1919, the University of California opened its first branch campus in Los Angeles, California, and then successively in Davis, Santa Barbara, and San Diego.
They also opened branch campuses, but in 1952, the University of California, as an administrative system, separated from the University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley was indeed the main university before 1952, but after 1952, all branch campuses have become independent universities. Nowadays, the University of California has no so-called main campus. Now the University of California is a branch campus. , Can only be said to be a translation error left over from history, so when you choose a school, you don’t need to think that the school you go to is just a branch school. When you compare with other schools, it will be inferior or inferior. This is completely unnecessary.