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Ms Jane Fawkes, Vice-Chancellor of University College of Estate Management (UCEM), Mr. Tim Bennett, Dean of School of the Built Environment, and Mr. Robert Chan, Director and Director of Asia Pacific Office, on October 22 Visited the Kowloon Bay School of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction. Engineer Tang Siu-shing, Assistant Dean of Curriculum Development of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction, and Mok Binglin, principal of the Professional Development Center, briefed the guests on the training philosophy and work of the Academy. Mr. Tim Bennett also briefed the guests on UCEM’s courses and the services and support provided in Hong Kong. Simple and useful communication. The guests then visited the Building Information Simulation Training Center and the Innovation and Technology Application Center.
The Hong Kong Institute of Construction actively contacts with training institutions related to the construction industry in Hong Kong and overseas, exchanges training experiences, explores cooperation opportunities, and strives to enhance the recognition and competitiveness of the courses.