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Buy University of Birmingham fake diploma /transcript

University of Birmingham Diploma /Transcript

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The first red brick university in the United Kingdom. This university received a royal charter from Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom in 1900. It is also a core member of the Russell University Group and the Global Alliance of Universities. It is the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. .
The communication between the University of Birmingham (Birmingham University) and China can be traced back to 1907. We are familiar with Mr. Li Siguang, the father of Chinese geology who once appeared in Chinese textbooks. He is also one of the famous graduates of the University of Birmingham. At the same time, China’s two bombs and one star father Yao Tongbin is also an outstanding alumnus of the University of Birmingham. In addition, Mr. Zhong Nanshan, who has received countless admiration from the people, is not only a graduate of Edinburgh University, but also was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Birmingham for his contributions to medicine and SARS in 2011.
The University of Birmingham ranks 87 in the world in the latest qs ranking. The two closest schools are the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Science and Technology of China. Of course, just looking at the qs rankings to infer what type of school the University of Birmingham is equivalent to in China is somewhat arbitrary. After all, Chinese universities have little advantage in the ratio of international students to international teachers. According to the strength of the University of Birmingham and its local presence in the UK Converted into Chinese domestic colleges and universities, although it is not as good as the position of top domestic schools such as Qing Beijiaofu in Chinese people’s minds, it can be compared with Zhongliu 985 University. After the formal academic certification is certified, it is quite valuable. , Students don’t have to worry about this.