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The University of Bristol is one of the six famous red brick universities in the UK, and is also an important academic member of the Russell University Group, the Coimbra Group, the World University Alliance, the International University Climate Alliance and the European University Association. Last year, Buda opened 11 new majors in one breath, and opened 14 new majors this year.
The University of Bristol, established in 1876, is one of the top 100 universities in the world, located in Bristol, a city in southwest England, England. It is an established British university. It has a global reputation for “a combination of academic excellence and innovation and independent forward-looking spirit”, and its scientific research strength Ranked 9th in the UK (2014REF), it ranks among the top ten in the QS world rankings, and the highest in history is ranked 27th in the world (2011QS). The University of Bristol has cultivated 13 Nobel Prize winners. It is a founding member of the Russell University Group and the Coimbra Group of the British Ivy League, one of the six famous British red brick universities, a member of the World University Alliance, and the European University Association. member. The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bristol is known as the “Kingdom of British Engineering”. The University of Bristol was ranked 9th in the 2014 British official academic evaluation REF. 83% of the research results reached the world’s leading level, and some disciplines were tied with Oxford University; ranked 51st in the world in the 2019QS World University Rankings; ranked in the 2018THE World University Rankings Ranked 76th in the world; 2017ARWU World University Rankings ranks 61st in the world. The University of Bristol is internationally renowned for its excellent teaching and research, superb equipment and high-quality students and staff. As a representative of the highest level of scientific research in the UK, Bristol has always been a top school in the hearts of British locals and one of the most popular universities for middle-class families in the UK. Bristol has long been a natural alternative. to Oxbridge). Today, the proportion of students from middle-class families is still as high as 87%, ranking third after Niu Jian. Every year, more than 40% of undergraduate freshmen come from private schools, which surpasses Cambridge and is second to Oxford and St. Ann. British Prime Minister Churchill served as the Superintendent of the University of Bristol for 36 years. The current supervisor is Sir Paul Nass, former President of the Royal Society and Nobel Prize winner.