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The University of Cambridge has 31 colleges, which are almost integrated with the city of Cambridge. This prestigious school has trained scientists such as Newton, Darwin, Hawking and dozens of Nobel Prize winners. Xu Zhimo and Jin Yong also studied here. The colleges were built in different periods and have different architectural styles, but most of them retain the style since the Middle Ages. The porches and walls of the school buildings are still decorated with simple and solemn statues and seals. It is really pleasing to visit. Several colleges popular with tourists include King’s College, Trinity College, St. John’s College, Queen’s College, Peter College, Christian College, Clare College, etc. Visitors can choose to visit the places they are interested in one by one, but they need to check their opening hours in advance.
If you want to appreciate the beauty of Cambridge University, of course, you can’t miss the cruise on the sword river. Ride a flat-bottomed boat to cruise the Jian River, pass under 7 elegant bridges, including the Mathematical Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, and watch the scenery of the back gardens of the 6 colleges including King’s College, Trinity College, and Queen’s College. It is traditional, romantic and beautiful. You can find a boat stop on Silver Street or Bridge Street. Visitors can choose to row on their own, or participate in a guided river cruise project.
The University of Cambridge is one of the most outstanding universities in the world. It is a college federal university. There are currently 31 colleges, and each academic department is grouped into six major academic colleges. It is also a member of many academic alliances and a prestigious school in the Golden Triangle of the United Kingdom. It is also the institution of higher learning with the largest number of Nobel Prize winners, with a total of 90 Nobel Prize winners studying or working at Cambridge University.