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University of Glamorgan degree certificate

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The University of Glamorgan is a modern university in the UK and is proud of its excellent teaching quality. Since the school was founded in 1913, it has been providing many courses and trainings, while providing students with first-class facilities and a friendly and vibrant learning environment. At present, more than 18,000 students (including more than 2,000 overseas students from dozens of countries, accounting for about 11% of the total number of students) live and study in a safe and complete campus. The campus is located on a scenic hillside, only 20 minutes away from Cardiff.
Glamorgan University has 12 academic fields recognized by the Welsh Institutions of Higher Learning Fund Management Committee as excellent, including accounting and finance, business and management, business administration, literary creation, electrical and electronic engineering, information technology, prospecting, public sector planning, resources Develop investigation and drama. The business school ranks among the top 25 universities in the UK, and the English department is currently ranked 8th. The two departments of Computer Science and English Language and Literature received 4 points in the evaluation of scientific research level. Cooperate and exchange with many colleges and universities such as South China University in China.
The university is divided into 8 colleges: Applied Science, Business School, Comprehensive Research, Humanities and Social Sciences, Nursing Science, Computer, Electronic Technology, and Law School. Academic level, student welfare and service are the most concerned issues of the school. Even after international students leave the school to explore new careers or return to their original jobs, they still have a sense of belonging to the University of Glamorgan, and the school is very proud of this.