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University of Strathclyde degree

University of Strathclyde Diploma

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The University of Strathclyde has two campuses and five colleges. The John Anderson campus in the city center is home to the School of Law, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LASS), the School of Engineering, the School of Sciences, and the Strathclyde School of Business (SBS). The Jordanhill campus in Glasgow’s West End is home to the College of Education.
Almost all majors in the business school and engineering school of the school have obtained full marks in the official British assessment. Its School of Engineering is the largest and most complete engineering school in Scotland. Its business school and MBA program are among the top 5 in the United Kingdom, and it has entered the top 100 in the world; the Department of Marketing is the first department in the United Kingdom that specializes in teaching marketing courses. Human resource management courses are very practical.
Strathclyde University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines and departments. It is also the largest postgraduate education institution in the UK recognized by all walks of life. In a recent evaluation of the quality of teaching, 92% of Strathclyde’s courses were rated as “excellent” or “very satisfactory”-ahead of all other universities in Scotland. The transformation of strategic and applied scientific research to technology has further strengthened the reputation of the University of Strathclyde as a “Center for Quality and Innovation”. In addition, the school’s experts continue to expand our strengths to the main areas of economic activity. The results of the 2001 Research Level Evaluation (RAE) showed our scientific research capabilities – more than 90% of the teachers in 44 disciplines and departments have received the highest grades of 4 and 5 for their scientific research activities.