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University of Ulster diploma

University of Ulster Diploma

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Ulster University (University of Ulster) is the largest university in Northern Ireland. The history can be traced back to McGhee College established in 1845. The University of Ulster is a member of the Commonwealth University Alliance and at the same time a member of the Irish University Alliance. In 2001, the school won the “Sunday Times” annual university award. According to the 2008 RAE survey, 86% of Ulster University’s courses have reached the international advanced level, and 20% of them have reached the international leading level.
In the latest 2014 UK official RAE university research level assessment (the only UK higher education ranking organized by the UK government, once every 7 years, with the highest authority), Ulster University ranked 38th in the UK.
Ulster University is the largest and most influential national university in Northern Ireland, with four campuses. The school has six colleges: Ulster School of Business; School of Art; School of Art, Design and Built Environment; School of Computer and Engineering; School of Life and Health Sciences; School of Social Sciences.
The university has one of the best computer networks in the UK. The 24-hour open policy of computer classrooms allows students to make full use of university resources; laboratories, factories and studios are all equipped with the latest equipment. The school library has about 600,000 books and 6,000 periodicals. The student union meets the social needs of students. Among them, there is an active international student club. The school also has many sound indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including tennis courts and football. Fields, rugby fields, hockey fields, back-to-back fields, cricket fields, gymnasiums, gymnasiums and year-round heated swimming pools are available for free use by students.