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University of Wales diploma

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The University of Wales is a joint university established in 1893 under the Royal Charter of the United Kingdom. It consists of 7 branch schools and 2 colleges. They are: Aberystwyth University (Aberystwyth), Cardiff University (Cardiff), Lampeter University (Lampeter), Swansea University (Swansea), Glyndwr University (Glyndwr), Newport University (Newport), University of Wales Medical School and Newport University College in Wales.
These 7 universities and 2 colleges have undertaken the main teaching and research tasks of the University of Wales. The University of Wales supports the teaching activities of these colleges and is responsible for awarding degrees. It is the second largest public university in the UK after the University of London. It has a greater impact at home and abroad.
The University of Wales has more than 50 schools in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, India, and Japan. The total number of students is about 80,000. It is the second largest university alliance in the UK after the University of London. The current principal is Prince Charles, Crown Prince of the United Kingdom.
The teaching and research of all branches of the University of Wales are ranked very high in the UK universities. For example, the Cardiff branch of the University of Wales is ranked seventh among 106 universities in the UK in the “Research Ability Assessment” in the UK.
The University of Dief is one of the eight universities of the University of Wales and is located on the outskirts of Cardiff, the capital of Wales.
Cardiff is the youngest capital city in Europe, only two hours away from London. The price level is low, there are many clubs, parks and historical buildings, and it is also known for its vibrant learning atmosphere. The spacious, green Cardiff is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Near Cardiff University is the bustling Cardiff Metropolitan Business Center.