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The University of New South Wales (UNSW, UNSW Sydney), originally named the New South Wales University of Technology, focuses on engineering and science. The first university board meeting in 1949. In 1958, in order to adapt to the comprehensive reform of the university and turn the school into a modern and diversified institution, the name of the university was changed to the University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales). In 1960, the school founded the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), followed by the Medical School in 1961 and the Law School in 1971.
The development of the university in the first two decades was closely connected with the energetic principal (Sir Philip Baxter) at that time. President Baxter’s magnificent but controversial vision has made the school from an obscure position to one of Australia’s top universities. In 1969 UNSW had 15,000 students. The school’s diligence and practical spirit in scientific and technological research is in sharp contrast with the traditional school spirit of the University of Sydney at that time. In 1969, when President Baxter retired, UNSW has become one of the top universities in the Asia-Pacific region. The second principal (Sir Rupert Myers) worked hard to consolidate the foundation of the first two decades and brought a new generation of management system into the school. Principal Myer also changed the school spirit. He paid special attention to the construction of campus culture. During his tenure, the student movement was protected by the school and made great progress and development. The third principal (Prof. Michael Birt) was responsible for leading the school into a public-private mode under the circumstances of the Australian federal government’s tightening of education and research funding in the 1980s. University colleges through cooperation with private companies to research related matters, win-win and mutual benefit, make the needs of schools and enterprises have a closer connection, and the training of talents is closer to the actual needs of society. Currently, 45% of UNSW’s annual funding comes from non-governmental sources. This allowed UNSW to avoid the plight of lack of funds for other universities at that time and continue to maintain a strong momentum for development.
In 2003, UNSW and the Singapore government reached an agreement to establish a branch campus in Singapore, becoming Singapore’s third university and the first private university. Most of the faculty of the branch school is introduced from the Australian school, and the academic director (Academic Vice-Library Chancellor) is held by the Dean of the School of Biomedical Engineering (Prof. Bruce Milthorpe) of the original Australian alma mater. UNSW has thus become the world’s leading multinational university.