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The Universiti Sains Malaysia (Science University of Malaysia, USM) is located on Penang Island, George Town, Malaysia. The geographical location is the villa complex where the British Chief Executive lived during the British rule. The University of Science has a good and quiet learning environment. On an island, there are many meaningful activities in the school. Meaningful and memorable festival. The law and order here in Penang is very good. It is very convenient to go out to buy things at night. The chief is Chinese, and Penang is all Chinese. Everyone can speak Chinese. The overall level of science universities in Malaya is second only to the University of Malaya. There is no doubt about this. You can compare the school’s faculty resources, teaching facilities, teaching environment and academic theories. The proportion is clear at a glance. University and science university teachers are also returned from studying in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. MIT, New York State, Duke University, University of South Florida, University of Mississippi, Washington State University, Bristol, University of Sheffield, University of Glasgow , University of Melbourne, Australia. You can rest assured in academic education. There is no problem. There are not too many worries when choosing a tutor.