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University of Southern Queensland fake diploma

USQ Diploma

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The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) was founded in 1967 and is a public comprehensive university recognized by the Australian Government and the Ministry of Education of China. Since its establishment, the University of Southern Queensland enjoys a high reputation for its excellent teaching standards and is highly respected by other higher education institutions, educators and international professional education institutions around the world. The teaching quality and faculty standards of the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) have been rated as four-star by the “Guide to Excellent Universities in Australia”.
The University of Southern Queensland is equivalent to a key university in China. The school is a truly student-centered university that emphasizes learning experience and personal needs. The school’s flexible and changeable education method is the core of its education model.
As the name suggests, Flight Operation is an aircraft operator, which is what we often call a pilot. This major of USQ is really ranked high in the world in Australia, and it is the first to produce a three-year undergraduate course to provide complete theoretical knowledge, practical operation and industry certification for pilots who want to work in the aviation industry in the future.
USQ’s Flight Operation course is divided into two years of theoretical knowledge + one year of practical flight operations.
The two years of theoretical knowledge learning are not as boring as everyone thinks. From the first year of university, students will operate on flight simulation. The driving experience and visual effects can be said to be exactly the same as flying a plane!
And for international students, they only need to have a medium high school graduation score and have an IELTS score of 6 before they can directly enroll.