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The reputation of the University of Tasmania (UTAS) as Australia’s top education and research institution is becoming more and more popular. It has a history of nearly 125 years. As one of Australia’s most internationally reputable universities, it has first-class teaching, research and student service facilities. , Successively won the National Student Service Award and the highest research award of Australian universities. Utas curriculum and research not only retain the distinctive characteristics of Tasmania, but also have an international vision and standard.
Has three well-known research institutions-Australian Maritime College (AMC), Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and Menzies Institute of Medicine (Menzies);
The Faculty of Life Sciences is known for its high-quality teaching and world-class research activities, and the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology is the largest and most diverse college in the university;
Environmental studies major in primitive wilderness and natural sites, which is unique in the world;
The latest “2018 Excellent University Guide” stated that the University of Tasmania is the first choice for pharmacy students, and the average annual salary of graduates is 3,000 Australian dollars higher than the national average!