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UUM Degree

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) , the world’s top business and management university, is located in Kedah, northern Malaysia, with 30033 students. Buy UUN fake degree, place fake Universiti Utara Malaysia diploma order, UUM golden seal, buy copy UUM diploma in Malaysia, UUM bachelor transcript sample. It is a well-known comprehensive university for management. UUM provides high-quality international education in the Commonwealth education system, focusing on training and educating various management talents needed by the country and society. South Africa university degree sample. At the same time, UUM has also achieved important results in the fields of information dissemination, management technology, and quality management. It has made important contributions to Malaysia’s economic construction.
The campus covers an area of ​​1061 hectares (16,000 acres), with a total investment of 580 million. The university has a beautiful environment. The entire campus is surrounded by tropical rainforest. It is the most beautiful university in Peninsular Malaysia and is recognized by the world as a vibrant and energetic public higher education institution. .
In August 2016, the University of Northern Malaysia passed the AACSB certification. Only 5% of the business schools in the world have obtained this business school elite certification. This is also an important sign that business education has reached a world-class level.
The University of Northern Malaysia has made important achievements in the fields of information dissemination, management technology and quality management, and also won the ISO9002 qualification certificate.