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The University of Western Sydney (UWS) is Australia’s first joint university and has the largest school network in Australia. Western Sydney University consists of three parts: Hawkesbury College (Hawkesbury), Macarthur College (Macarthur) and Nepean College (Nepean). The university has concentrated the educational background and advantages of three colleges, and the oldest college has a history of more than 100 years.
In the past ten years, Western Sydney University has built a reputation both domestically and internationally for its high-quality learning environment and professional background. The university has also established excellent research fields and has extensive connections with domestic enterprises and commercial institutions.
The university has partnerships with more than 50 universities and higher education institutions in more than 20 countries. Overseas courses and qualifications are available in Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The six campuses of Western Sydney University range from 25 to 60 kilometers from the downtown business district of Sydney.
The school has a moderate faculty-to-student ratio, outstanding teaching quality, complete welfare facilities, and high-level teaching practice and research, all of which make Western Sydney University the most popular university for students. Western Sydney University has also established long-term cooperative relations with many local social organizations and companies in Australia to provide employment services for students.