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fake VCE certificate sample

VCE Certificate

Buy fake VCE certificate, order VCE fake diploma, Victorian Certificate of Education sample, how to buy Australia fake certificate, VCE degree, buy fake certificate online, fake VCE certificate sample. The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a certificate for completing high school education, which provides students with a thoroughfare to higher education and work. Students can study various types of VCE subjects. This certificate is widely recognized both in Australia and internationally.
To attend high school in Victoria, students need to study VCE courses. In countries other than Australia, many students also take VCE courses, including China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vanuatu.
Unit 1 and Unit 2 will be graded by the school, and the school teacher will set a series of assessment tasks to determine the student’s performance. These assessment tasks have deadlines, and students need to plan and complete them on time. After completing Unit 1 and Unit 2, students will receive a grade of S (satisfied) or N (unsatisfied). The school will give students the grades of each unit, but only S is counted in the VCE grades.
For the courses of Unit 3 and Unit 4, students will receive grades from A+ to E, UG (not scored) or NA (not tested), as well as S or N.
Unit 3 and Unit 4 of each subject have 3 assessment tasks to participate in grading. VCE scoring and assessment tasks are divided into two categories. According to different subjects, the assessment tasks are school assessment and/or external examination.