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Victoria University (VU or Vic Uni), also known as Victoria University or Victoria University of Technology, was established in 1915. It is a public university established by the Parliament of Victoria in Australia and is jointly funded and operated by the Australian Federal Government and the Victorian Government.
Victoria University is one of Australia’s largest comprehensive universities with complete disciplines. It has more than 100 doctoral programs, 68 master’s programs, 93 university undergraduate programs, and 54 university college programs. The atmosphere of the college is very modern. There are six modern campuses in the center of Melbourne and the northern area. The school is equipped with modern teaching facilities such as networked computer rooms, laboratories, libraries, and data centers. School education integrates academic research and professional skills, and is one of only four dual education institutions in Australia. The disciplines set up by the University of Victoria involve four majors: liberal arts, sciences, business, and human resources. The teaching and research experts at the school are all experts.
Melbourne, Australia is one of the most livable cities in the world. The diversified urban atmosphere and the perfect fusion of modern and old give Melbourne its unique charm. Adhering to the diversity, tolerance and innovation of this city, Victoria University in Australia is a new university that people expect and surprises people.
At the same time, the University of Victoria is also the only five universities in Australia with a “composite” departmental structure. The two departments of the College of Vocational and Technical Education (TAFE) are closely integrated with the three colleges of the university department, which not only provides students with access to the university The shortcuts provide flexible and diverse course options for students with different needs.