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Washington University in St. Louis diploma

Washington University in St. Louis degree

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Speaking of the top 20 universities in the United States, I believe many people will be able to name five or six casually, from Harvard, Yale and other Ivy League schools to Chicago, California Institute of Technology and other established schools. When you mention any one, there will be a big wave of fans. My sister’s eyes are peachy…
However, what I want to introduce to you today is this Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), which is not often mentioned as a super low-key!
How low-key is WUSTL? It’s so low-key that I haven’t heard its name in China! When someone hears “**University of Washington”, isn’t it in Seattle? Yes, people often confuse her with the University of Washington in Seattle!
But in fact, these two schools have nothing to do with each other, and WUSLT is not the branch of Washington University in St. Louis! They are actually in St. Louis, Missouri, and they also have four campuses (P.S. Danfoss campus is the main campus)!
Washington University in St. Louis is located in St. Louis, Missouri. In order to distinguish it from other universities with “Washington”, in 1976, the board of trustees added the place name “in St. Louis” to the back of the school to become Washington University in St. Louis today. As the largest city in Missouri, St. Louis is not considered the best and fastest growing place in the United States. It is almost at the level of a midstream city. There is no prosperous big city, but there is no desolation of a small city. WUSLT’s geographic location is indeed not an advantage, which is a big reason why its popularity is not high.
The academic strength of a school ranked in the top 20 throughout the year is not bad in all aspects. Business, architectural design, and art are strong points. Biochemistry, medicine, law, social work and other majors are also good. For example, the law school ranks 17. Ranked 1st in genetics, 2nd in social work, 27th in economics, and 19th in political science.