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The 2021 USThe security situation is a nationwide survey that delves into the security issues that the United States is most concerned about.
In the past three years, Safewise has surveyed more than 15,000 Americans—at least 300 people from every state—to understand their views and attitudes toward safety and crime.
Safewise uses this data to discover how people perceive safety and danger trends, as well as respondents’ experiences with different types of crime.
They also compared safety and the sense of danger with the reality of crime statistics in our Safest City Report to compare how people feel and how they actually are.
Based on participants’ answers and data trends, Safewise adjusts its surveys every year to respond to current events and areas of increasing concern.
In 2020, questions about mass shootings have been added.
In 2020, the focus will also be narrowed to the most influential and measurable issues: property and violent crime.
And this year, Safewise expanded the scope of issues to investigate the entire issue of gun violence, not just mass shootings.
At the same time, questions about package theft, police violence and the COVID-19 pandemic have also been added.
Let us take a look at what this survey report tells us…
The ten most secure states;The ten most insecure states;The report investigated more than 15,000 (at least 300 per state) American respondents on violent crimes (serious assault, murder, rape, and robbery), property crime incidents (housebreaking, arson, theft, and motor vehicle theft), and gun crimes. Views and attitudes, summed up the ten states that make local residents feel safest and ten states that feel most dangerous!
The ten most secure states for residents in the United States are:
Wyoming;New Hampshire;Vermont;Maine;Idaho;North Dakota;South Dakota;Nebraska;Montana;Utah
Among them, Wyoming has the highest proportion of residents who believe that their state is safe, and 86% of them believe that there is no need to worry about safety!
Vermont investigators are least worried about gun violence, accounting for 83%!
New Hampshire has the fewest cases of property crime, with only 9% of people experiencing property violations in the past 12 months.
The ten states that residents of the United States feel are the most dangerous are:
Louisiana State;New Mexico;Nevada;Washington state;California;New York state;Oregon;Illinois;Alabama;Maryland
As a resident of Louisiana who feels full of danger, they feel quite insecure, and only 34% think there is no need to worry about safety.
Residents of Louisiana stated:
“In the past few years, the number of violent and non-violent crimes in our region has risen sharply, so I am worried that I will become a victim of violent crime.
Residents of New York State, a popular state for studying abroad, also don’t feel very good about safety…23% of residents in this state said they had experienced violence in the past 12 months! And 73% of people are in daily panic about gun violence cases, the highest level in the United States. Safety Report is out!