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United States Diploma

At present, the United States implements associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree system,

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United Kingdom Diploma

Students studying in the UK may notice when they apply for a job in the UK and submit their resume after graduation that some British

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Australian Diploma

Before applying to study in Australia, it is better for students to fully understand the Australian qualifications framework. According to the domestic

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Canadian Diploma

Many foreign students go to Germany to study, but there is no specific concept of which degrees in Germany are divided in this way.

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15 Years of Experience

We have been working in the field for 15 years and have served this customer, and we have a better understanding of the needs.



One-on-one production

We offer many “Actual Match” designs – replications based on the original school design.  And while we (like everyone else) have some legal and technical restrictions on how closely we match, you’ll see that our replicas are almost always right on the button.

Professional Team

Our team including professional salesmen, designers, printing factory workers, real stamps, seals, embossed, postmarks, anti-counterfeit label/holograms makers and watermark custom companies.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our service and products and that you will get what you order in a timely manner with the highest quality! We work hard for you the client to deliver the absolute best product that you can find anywhere.

Free samples

We show you free samples before you order so you can see the design and template version we use before you order.



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we will send the degree/diploma/transcript you order from us by the Fastest UPS/DHL/FedEx to anywhere, Track your package on their official website – you can track your package’s delivery and know the day it will be delivered.

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