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Aberystwyth University (Prifysgol Aberystwyth) is the first university institution in Wales history and the oldest university in Wales. The college has always been known for high-quality teaching and excellent research results, and has a high reputation in the world. The teaching goal of Abel University is to satisfy students’ desire for knowledge as much as possible, maintain and develop friendly relations with other schools, and promote collaboration between teaching and research institutions in various universities in Wales.
According to the Guardian University Guide in 2009, 10 subjects at Abel University accounted for the top ten rankings of colleges in terms of student satisfaction with teaching. The ten subjects are as follows: 1. Physics: Student teaching satisfaction is 94%, ranking first. 2. Sports and Sports Science: The satisfaction rate is 97%, ranking third. 3. Earth and Ocean Science: The satisfaction rate is 94%, ranking third. 4. Economics: The satisfaction rate is 91%, ranking third. 5. Geography and environmental research: The satisfaction rate is 95%, ranking fourth. 6. Agriculture and forestry: The satisfaction rate is 88%, ranking fourth. 7. American research: The satisfaction rate is 93%, ranking fourth. 8. Media research and communication and the title of librarian: The satisfaction rate is 81%, ranking sixth. 9. Politics: The satisfaction rate is 93%, ranking seventh. 10. English: The satisfaction rate is 94%, ranking tenth.
As a small town, Aberystwyth is fully equipped and offers some part-time jobs. There are many bars and clubs in the town, which recruit bar employees. Some stores hire shop assistants.
The College’s Joblink helps students find suitable part-time jobs.