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American College of Embryology Diploma Sample

In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Beijing Jiayuan Hospital and the world, and further improve the medical level, on November 11, 2017, Cecilia Sjoblom, a famous embryologist, Buy American College of Embryology Fake Diploma, American College of Embryology degree, American degree samples, obtain copy diploma in 3 days, bachelor degree certificate, inspector of the European ISO Certification Association, and director of the embryo laboratory of the Westmead Reproductive Center, University of Sydney, Australia Professor, visit our school for a visit and exchange. Buy fake diploma.

Professor Sjoblom entered the IVF laboratory at 7:30 in the morning accompanied by Dr. Xu Xiaoming, the director of the embryo laboratory, and watched the working environment of the embryo laboratory and various operating procedures under normal working conditions (including prokaryotic evaluation, embryo evaluation, embryo Thawing and resuscitation, egg retrieval, semen processing, embryo freezing, embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and culture fluid preparation, as well as daily CO2 incubator temperature and gas concentration monitoring, Monitoring the temperature of the ultra-clean workbench, monitoring the ambient temperature and humidity of the IVF laboratory, monitoring the gas pressure, monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator and monitoring the liquid level of the liquid nitrogen tank, etc.). She spoke highly of the spacious and clean environment, adequate staffing, advanced instruments and equipment, and detailed quality control records of the embryo laboratory. She praised our hospital’s technicians for their very standardized, meticulous and efficient operations. In particular, we mentioned the Time-lapse embryo imaging monitoring system introduced by our hospital from Belgium, which plays an important role in improving the pregnancy rate of patients, implementing single embryo transfer, and in-depth study of embryo development. During the period, Dr. Yang Mei, a senior technician in the embryo laboratory of our hospital, had a systematic exchange with Professor Sjoblom on the quality management of the laboratory. Other technicians consulted her on the problems encountered in their work, and everyone benefited a lot.