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Australian Army Certificate

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The most important heavy equipment of the Australian Army is the M1A1 main battle tank, which has dozens of hundreds of vehicles. Other equipment is mainly wheeled armored vehicles, as well as light vehicles for troop transport and reconnaissance. The Australian Army’s assault force is acceptable, but the attack capability is insufficient.
air force
Almost all of the equipment of the Australian Air Force is American-style equipment. It has no weapons production lines in its own country and all rely on foreign imports. Equipped with about 310 aircraft of various types, about 100 fighter/attack aircraft, of which more than 70 F/A-18 attack/fighters can be regarded as advanced third-generation fighters. The others are second-generation aircraft, more than 100 transport aircraft, and many tankers, maritime patrol aircraft, and early warning aircraft. The aircraft types are relatively comprehensive, comparable to those of Singapore, Thai Air Force, and Japan Air Self-Defense Force, but compared with India. , The Australian Air Force is much smaller. The Australian Air Force is equipped with advanced models such as F-18, C-17, P-8, etc., with good combat capabilities. It has also begun to introduce the latest generation of F35 fighters, and it is also the only country in the southern hemisphere that has stealth fighters.
The Australian Navy has nearly 50 ships of various types with a total tonnage of nearly 180,000 tons. The Australian Navy is now undergoing a major equipment upgrade and plans to build a powerful blue water navy by 2030. Therefore, it cost tens of billions of dollars to purchase a large number of advanced ships, the most important of which are the two Canberra-class strategic projection ships (the export version of the Spanish Juan Carlos I strategic projection ship) and the Hobart that is under construction and will soon enter service. Class destroyer. The current main ships of the Australian Navy include 2 strategic delivery ships, 8 frigates, and 6 submarines. They have become one of the best maritime forces in the South Pacific.