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Central Degree

The Central Institute of Technology is the second visit of the guest, and brings professional cooperation programs such as tourism management, exhibition and decorative arts. Buy fake Central Institute of Technology diploma, buy Central diploma from Australia, custom Central certificate from TAFE, buy TAFE diploma, custom copy TAFE Central degree. During the discussion, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on their respective professional advantages and characteristics, cooperation paths and other related topics, and reached many consensuses. The next step will be to come up with a solution as soon as possible in terms of credit transfer. Buy fake AIB degree that look real. The two parties also discussed how to strengthen mutual teacher exchanges and training in the future. Then, the guests met with more than 100 students of related majors in the lecture hall of the Aviation Training Building and had a unique interactive exchange. The good mental state, professionalism and communication skills of our students are highly appreciated by the guests.
On October 26, Ms. Jan Tekely, Deputy Dean of the Central Institute of Technology in Western Australia, and Ms. Bu Hongjun, Senior Advisor, visited our hospital. Vice President Chen Zenghong and Assistant Professor Wang Enhong met and attended the discussion between the two sides. The leaders of the Department of Travel Agency and Hotel and related professional teachers also participated in the discussion.