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Universiti Putra Malaysia diploma sample

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Universiti Putra Malaysia (Putra University of Malaysia, UPM) is one of Malaysia’s top national universities recognized in the international academic field, with a wide range of majors and research methods. UPM closely cooperates with the business community and talent development agencies at home and abroad, so that students’ learning and research topics are closely integrated with social development, so that students have a wide range of practical and research opportunities.
Putra University of Malaysia covers an area of ​​1,200 hectares and is the largest university in Malaysia and even Asia. It is also the university with the largest green campus environment in Malaysia. Including an 18-hole golf course, with the most advanced modern infrastructure in the world today-optical fiber communication system. This system covers the entire campus and provides the most convenient conditions for students’ study, life, entertainment and leisure. These advanced conveniences include: banks, post offices, bookstores, restaurants, subsidized laundry rooms, stadiums, swimming pools, recreation rooms
The school has many teachers who graduated from top universities around the world. There are 13 faculties offering 300 professional courses, providing students with the widest range of courses. The school’s postgraduate fees may be the lowest in the world of its equivalent.