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Holborn College was established in 1969. In 1982, it became the first educational institution to receive the Queen’s Export Achievement Award. This college is a founding member and is officially recognized by the UK Continuing and Higher Education Private College Accreditation Committee. The college sets up a series of undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-university courses focusing on majors and occupations to prepare students for degree courses in the UK. Holborn College also offers English classes for students who need to improve their English skills before the start of academic courses. The tuition class has a small number of students in each class, which ensures that the teacher can quickly find out the students’ requirements and give them individual attention. More than 80% of students come from countries outside the UK and the European Union.
The qualifications obtained from Holborn College are recognized internationally. Since 1969, thousands of students have successfully completed the courses offered by our school and used the academic qualifications obtained to reach the highest level in their chosen profession. The qualifications obtained from Holborn College are the key to a successful and exciting future.
The Victorian building where Holborn College is located is bright and airy, with well-furnished interiors and well-protected. There are large lecture rooms and lecture rooms in the building, which provide all necessary facilities for students to successfully complete their studies.