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MTSU diploma

Middle Tennessee State University diploma

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Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). At the beginning of its establishment, it was one of the three state normal colleges. In 1925, the school developed from the initial two-year teacher training program to a four-year normal university, and the Bachelor of Science was added at the same time. According to Li Sichen Study Abroad 360, after being formally established as a public state university in 1943 with the consent of the state government, MTSU has gradually developed into the largest undergraduate education university in the state today, and a comprehensive university with many excellent graduate majors. In 1998, Tennessee’s first “Honor College” (Honors College) was also established.
Middle Tennessee State University, in terms of rankings, belongs to the second- and third-rate universities in the United States. The establishment time is longer than that of Harvard and Yale and other institutions in the history of the founding of the United States. This university in a small southern city is considered a young university, but it has been established for more than a hundred years. Even in this school whose name is unknown to the Chinese, three people have won the Nobel Prize.
Central Tennessee State University has always had a friendly and cooperative relationship with China Agricultural University. In recent years, MTSU has established cooperation with Communication University of China, Hunan Normal University, Hangzhou Normal University, Northwest Normal University, North China University of Technology and other exchange projects.