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Open University Degree

The Open University (OU) is a public research university and the largest university for undergraduate education in the UK. Buy fake OU diploma, fake degree of Open University, buy 2021 Open University diploma, OU graduation certificate hologram, order OU 2021 transcript in UK. Most of OU’s undergraduate students are located in the UK and are mainly studying off-campus; many of its courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) can also be studied anywhere in the world. There are also full-time graduate research students on the 48-hectare university campus in Milton Keynes. They use the school’s facilities for research. The campus also has more than 1,000 academic and research staff, degree of Edinburgh Napier university, and more than 2,500 administrative, operational and logistics staff.
The Open University was established in 1969 and was originally located in Alexandra Palace in North London, using TV studios and editing facilities that were eliminated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The Open University began enrolling its first batch of students in January 1971. The university’s administrative department is now located in Walton Hall in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, but it also has administrative centers in other parts of the UK. It also has operations in other European countries. The university grants undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as non-degree certificates, such as diplomas and certificates or continuing education units.
The Open University has enrolled more than 175,000 students, of which 25% are freshmen under the age of 25 and more than 7,700 overseas students. Based on the number of students, it is the largest academic institution in the UK (and one of the largest in Europe) and the world Go to one of the largest universities. Since its establishment, more than 2 million students have studied at the Open University.
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Bernell, broadcaster Anna Ford and actress Glenda Jackson are among the many celebrities who have taught at the Open University.
The Open University is one of only two higher education institutions in the UK that has been accredited by the United States Intermediate National Council of Higher Education Institutions and recognized by the Secretary of Education of the United States.