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Traditional apprenticeship education has an important position in the history of vocational education in Scotland and is an important form of traditional vocational education in Scotland. Since the 1980s, with the decline of the Scottish manufacturing industry and the rapid development of full-time education, the scale of traditional apprenticeship has shrunk rapidly, and the number of apprentices has dropped significantly. Various industries, especially construction, metallurgy, and electric power, have attracted more apprentices. Facing a shortage of skilled labor. The Scottish government and education departments have recognized the importance of high-quality skilled human resources in maintaining the sustained and stable growth of the Scottish economy, and proposed that more resources will be invested in the development of job-based vocational education. Based on the “dual system” vocational education and traditional apprenticeship systems in Germany, Sweden and other countries, Scotland officially launched a government-funded modern apprenticeship system in 1994. Compared with the traditional apprenticeship, the modern apprenticeship cancels the upper limit of apprenticeship age, and promotes the participation of social workers and more women as one of the work goals of the modern apprenticeship. In addition, emerging industries are also included in the apprenticeship training framework, and at the same time, more small and medium-sized organizations (enterprises, training institutions, other third-party service organizations, etc.) are encouraged to participate in apprenticeship education as partners. With the continuous improvement of the modern apprenticeship system in Scotland, the apprenticeship system has been incorporated into The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, SCQF, and has officially become part of the Scottish vocational education system.
Scotland launched the SCQF framework in 2001. The purpose is to unify the academic or professional qualifications (certifications, certificates, degrees, etc.) provided by various education and training institutions, enterprises and organizations in a standardized framework, in different types and levels Establish a connection between the qualifications of vocational education and general education, provide a complete roadmap for the realization of lifelong learning, and provide a unified system for the recruitment and training of employers (including the government and public service departments), and the standardized training system for education and training institutions.