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Thomas Edison State University diploma certificate

Thomas Edison State University degree

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Thomas Edison State University is one of the 12 high-level public higher education institutions in New Jersey and one of the oldest schools in the United States that provides specialized courses for adults. The school was originally named Thomas Edison State College (Trenton). In 2015, it obtained university qualifications and changed its name to Thomas Edison State University (Trenton). Thomas Edison State University (Trenton) provides flexible, high-quality university study opportunities for self-directed adults, and offers degree programs and certificate programs in more than 100 research fields.
The courses offered by the school include business and management, construction technology, fitness, health and rehabilitation research, Internet, design and technical programs, Linux online self-help research program certification, Microsoft training certification and other specialized courses. Undergraduate courses include applied science and technology, business management, health sciences, human services, nursing, etc. Thomas Edison State College (Trenton) courses such as leadership education, general education, human resource management, management, nursing, etc. are online master’s courses. In addition, the college also provides online courses, and students can participate in learning conveniently and flexibly at any time and anywhere.