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University of Alberta Diploma

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The University of Alberta (U of A or UAlberta), located in the center of Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Canada, was founded in 1908 and has a history of one hundred years. The University of Alberta has attracted many domestic and foreign students with its high reputation and extensive professional settings. The University of Alberta is one of the best research universities in Canada. It is also a member of the Canadian G13 University Alliance. Over the years, it has been ranked among the best in Canada along with the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia in different university rankings. The top five universities. With the prosperity of Alberta’s economy and increased investment in education, the University of Alberta aims to become one of the 20 best universities in the world by 2020. In Canada’s most authoritative “Mclean” magazine university rankings, the University of Alberta ranked 5th among the top universities in China in 2009, and in the world university rankings, the University of Alberta rose to 59th in 2009 . The majors offered by the University of Alberta are: accounting, finance, marketing, animal science, chemistry, psychology, forestry management, electronic engineering, petroleum engineering, biological sciences, civil engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, materials engineering, Anthropology, Art and Design, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Music, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Women’s Studies, etc.
The University of Alberta in Edmonton is one of Canada’s top teaching and research universities. It is internationally renowned for its outstanding achievements in the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering and health sciences.
The Saint-Jean campus is a French-speaking campus and a gem of the French-speaking community center in Edmonton. Augustana is a historic campus in a vibrant rural community with a private residential learning environment. The South Campus has a large amount of land used for agricultural research and has several recreational facilities. Enterprise Plaza is the hub of downtown Edmonton, a hub for learners at all stages of life and entrepreneurs who create businesses through new research.