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University of Cambridge is a consortium of colleges. The entire university is jointly operated by the school’s main departments and some colleges. The main department is responsible for academic research and teaching, while the college is responsible for internal management and teacher and student welfare. The college is the main social place for students. Cambridge is a small town with a sword river passing through it. Many places retain the medieval style.
Cambridge University is known for its high-quality teaching and research standards. There are currently 31 colleges and 150 colleges and other research institutions. The number of students is about 18,000, of which 6,000 are graduate students and 13% are overseas students. Among them, anthropology, architecture, English, chemistry, geography, law, and computer science have won the best grades in the evaluation of teaching quality. Almost all departments received the highest score of 5* in the research evaluation.
The building of the Career Service Center is in Mill Lane in the city center, where you can get information about writing resumes and specific career guidance manuals, accept interviews or communicate with career counselors. There is also a very useful employment website (https://www.careers.cam.ac.uk/), which lists existing vacancies.
Cambridge has many part-time opportunities. However, part-time jobs are generally not allowed during class, and it is generally difficult to have time to work. Wait until the holiday and then consider work. Unless there is an urgent need for work due to economic reasons, the college may give you some job search assistance, but under normal circumstances, the college does not want other things to affect the students’ academic studies.