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University of Leicester diploma

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The University of Leicester is powered by world-class research and provides education covering science, humanities, law, medicine, art and business. Faculty, staff and students work together to create, share and apply knowledge to change the world. The University of Leicester is located in the most multicultural city in the UK and is a world-leading, diverse and inclusive university.
The students of the University of Leicester are innovative citizens who are not restricted by academic boundaries. They take innovative approaches to research, combine science and art, and find solutions to the most complex problems. Whether in personal or professional terms, students will be given space for creativity and development.
Courses are taught by innovative faculty and staff who change the world through scientific research. The University of Leicester’s research has opened up new fields and has a global impact, involving many different fields and being applied in real life. Students will be exposed to the latest knowledge and teaching, and obtain information from these studies, while they are encouraged to contribute their opinions.
The City of Leicester offers more than 150 different degrees covering 30 subjects. Most courses include the option of studying for one year in other countries/regions, and there are 27 countries/regions to choose from. The University of Leicester is also among the top 25 universities in the UK, ranking 170th in the world among more than 1,500 universities in 93 countries/regions*.
* “Times Higher Education” (THE) 2021 World University Rankings.