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University of North London degree

University of North London diploma

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The University of North London (UNL) has strong educational roots and can be traced back to the establishment of the City University of London and the University of North London in 2002. London City University believes that everyone has the right to afford quality education. London City University’s fees are set at a much lower level than other university courses, and it has recently received top quality assurance institutions from the UK. We are committed to providing students with reasonable tuition fees and high-quality education. The diversified system and excellent students and classroom personnel make London City University a great honor. Why choose London City University? Quality: The enthusiasm of the teachers at London City University in the UK will encourage students to learn. According to everything we do is absolutely guaranteed, in 2011 London City University was awarded the highest honor from the Quality Assurance Agency of the British government. More than two-thirds of the research in the latest research evaluation work is considered to be internationally recognized as “international excellence” or “world leader. Careers: London City University is committed to helping students build meaningful careers. The design and update of courses are direct It is related to the current job market. As a student, London City University can help students find suitable positions and gain work experience. Diversity: London City University is a dynamic and multicultural city. Here, students will meet from Students from all over the world and study with them to enrich students’ experience and help students gain experience in life. Students here come from different backgrounds, and the education provided by London City University is convenient and flexible.
University of North London (UNL) is a large public comprehensive university founded in 2002, located in the urban area of ​​London in the London area. It is not one of the Russell Group or the 1994 Group University. The official Chinese translation name is “London City University”, but to distinguish it from another school in London, “City University London”, this school is generally referred to as “Lun Metropolitan University” in Chinese.