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The statue standing in front of the University of Washington (UW) is the first American President Washington Benton who led the American people to drive away the British ruler and turned himself into the master. However, the epee he held in his hand looked like a standard outfit for a medieval knight in Europe rather than an American outfit.
On campus just in time for the graduation season, graduates are taking graduation photos. The high-looking young graduates wore little white dresses and bachelor gowns outside. It was really a beautiful scenery on the campus.
In addition to the outdoors, the library is also a good place to take pictures. There must be a high degree of self-study enthusiasm for such a library like a classical European palace, right?
The University of Washington is the best university in Seattle. It has prominent majors in medicine, computer science, and aerospace. It has relatively good industry-university-research relationships with companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. There are legends that if you successfully graduate from the University of Washington with a major in computer science, it will basically ensure the opportunity to work at Amazon or Microsoft, because these companies will give priority to admissions to the University of China. Because Seattle is the American city with the shortest direct flight time from China, it attracts a certain number of Asians to study. When we went there happened to encounter students queuing up to buy box lunches. They were very down-to-earth and the buyers were also Asians. I bought a box of chicken rice with rice, soy sauce chicken, and Korean kimchi. It was an Asian hodgepodge.
The University of Washington has a central axis, and the middle section is lined with cherry blossom trees on both sides. The cherry blossoms are very beautiful in spring and summer. It is a superb view of the city. There is a red square in the school, which is a large square. It usually holds some activities. When we went there, a group of Asian students were dancing hip-hop.
To the east of the school is Lake Washington. The University of Washington has established its own fleet. There are often students rowing on the lake.