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Buy fake diploma, fake diploma maker, replica diploma webiste, buy fake degree online, buy diploma, buy transcript, fake degree certificate. Coincidentally, I saw this question. The old senior came back to China after graduating from the American Graduate School of Duke University in the United States. I applied for the United States when I was in high school, so I have been in the United States for several years. Regarding the application for studying abroad, I think some people do it by themselves, such as, custom university diploma, replacement transcript, false certificate, purchase authentic diploma, but most of the students still find a study abroad agent to apply, in fact, it depends on their own ability and time and reality. buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake transcript, buy fake certificate
Regarding the US application, as a past person, I still have some experience to talk about. For example, when I applied for the US, I was worried about grades, GPA, and what to do in background activities, and more importantly, how to write essays. At that time, it was really impossible to start, and it was exhausted. Later, my senior told me that if I signed a reliable and powerful study abroad agency, and an experienced post-stage teacher was in charge, then all these things could be omitted. It really woke up the dreamer. So at that time, we made every effort to screen study abroad agents.
At that time, I did a lot of homework on the Internet, about whether to choose a large agency or a small and medium-sized study abroad agency, and what kind of service model to find an agency, etc. At that time, I learned some experience online, and then I went to consult several large institutions and several small and medium-sized study abroad agencies for comparative analysis. At that time, we also measured and compared in terms of scale, reputation, attitude and ability of consultants and teachers when we met, and services after in-depth understanding of communication. It is found that although large intermediaries have done a good job in terms of scale, reputation, branches and resources, their internal soft power is not as powerful as it appears on the surface. Judging from the consultant teachers I have met, they are young, but they are quite able to speak. It’s more like a salesperson in a supermarket or a salesperson who can bargain. And the age is more like a college student, and through some professional questions in the application, I found that their answers are basically very ambiguous and vague. Therefore, I am also sure that such a consultant teacher is not strong in basic skills, so he only needs to sign contracts, regardless of application-related matters. In addition, the pipeline model does not have a very good impression on the big intermediary.
Later, in a small and medium-sized study abroad agency, I also went to consult from house to house. Although his family was medium-sized, the teachers in the later period had strong experience and ability, and they were still in a one-to-one service mode. I have changed other teachers in the later period, and I have been able to discuss and answer in-depth questions in my application process.
Especially in terms of documents, it is based on the premise of in-depth understanding and communication, and dig deep into my shining points. Brainstorm first, establish a general framework for the essay, and determine the theme and ideas of essay writing. In addition, there was an unlimited number of video communications with the former admissions officer in the United States to help improve the document and ensure the personalization of the document. At that time, my American researcher also asked his family to apply.