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When it comes to Barbie dolls, many girls will resonate, and even some boys will have heard of it. In the past few decades of being popular all over the world, Barbie dolls have gradually become synonymous with all dolls. The Barbie doll was inspired by Barbara, the daughter of the Hendlers, the co-founders of a purchasing toy company in the United States. They launched a decent and authentic American doll Barbie in 1959 on the basis of a German adult sexy doll. Ironically, the Hendlers’ daughter loves Barbie, but their son Ken hates it. The first batch of Barbie dolls were made in Japan, and the title of the exhibit was “Barbie Girls’ Role Model.” But unexpectedly, the sales of “Barbie” were not only bleak, but also received a cold reception from toy dealers. After all, Barbie dolls are a brand-new thing, and it is a kind of risk. Dealers are unwilling to do this, and just reluctantly bought a few. But the market proved that the Hendler couple’s judgment was correct. The “Barbie” placed in the corner of the dealer’s shelf was warmly welcomed by children, and more and more people began to buy this fresh and cheerful toy, especially It’s a little girl, and she is very enthusiastic about it, selling 350,000 pieces a year
American Gothic may not be known to so many people, buy fake Birmingham City University degree, buy fake Heriot-Watt University certificate, buy fake Napier University Edinburgh watermark degree, buy fake UCL diploma, buy University of Birmingham fake degree, but it is indeed a symbol of American culture, the origin of American Gothic In August 1930, an American named Wood saw it in a small town in southern Iowa. A rather Gothic house, it was built in the 1880s and has five rooms. Wood was very impressed by the building’s compact and solid design, especially the Gothic windows in the attic. He imagined a farmer and his daughter standing in front of a house, and took a picture of the house to take back to his studio. He asked his 62-year-old dentist and his 30-year-old sister to serve as models for the figures in his paintings, and dressed them in 19th-century Victorian clothes.