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Now that I have grown a lot, I plan to share my experience. No matter what kind of study abroad agency you are looking for, if you want to apply to a better institution, fake diploma, fake degree, fake transcript, fake certificate, you are inseparable from your own efforts. The intermediary is only an auxiliary role. Only when one’s own soft and hard conditions are excellent can it defeat most competitors. Of course, I am not saying that all the intermediaries are the same, you can choose at will. In fact, choosing a study abroad agent is choosing a teacher. The teacher is not rich in experience and is irresponsible, which can directly affect the application result. So look for an intermediary. buy a fake bachelor diploma, buy a fake master degree, buy a PhD degree, buy a undergraduate diploma, buy a postgraduate diploma.
After all, I didn’t have much experience at the beginning, it was all up to my parents and I to fumble. After reading a lot of case sharing, I also asked experienced friends around me to inquire, and finally understand almost the same. After that, I went to the door to communicate with the agencies that I thought were good, buy fake US degree certificate, buy fake diploma in England, buy fake degree from Australia, buy fake Canadian diploma, buy fake certificate for Singapore,  and then I became more convinced of what kind of intermediary I needed. After almost visiting a few of my own. This agency pays more attention to showing the professional ability of students, and has experienced post-stage teachers to lead you to do high-quality projects of the same major, and guide you throughout the process.
Before I signed an agency, I had two internships in the commercial field, but the internships were basically in sales and finance, and there was no quantitative work experience. My initial application target was financial engineering. Due to the early signing time, the teacher made a detailed background improvement plan for me. After the brainstorming, I started looking for an internship. However, it was not easy to find a suitable quantitative internship. In the later stage, the teacher patiently helped me analyze and evaluate each company, position and work content, and finally completed the investment bank internship according to the teacher’s planning and guidance. .
I am also quite satisfied with the writing part. In the later stage, the teacher will communicate with you to understand your study and life, and then dig out its bright spots. Then, together with you to conceive the writing direction, discuss the specific details of the writing, and finally through brainstorming again and again, Amend the paperwork to your satisfaction. After completing the paperwork, my mother asked about the probability of admission success. The teacher communicated patiently as always and analyzed them one by one. San Diego State University fake degree, buy fake SDSU fake diploma,  Although the process of waiting for the result is a bit torturous, but perseverance, gold and stone can be carved. With the persistence along the way in the application stage, I have gained admission to Columbia University. I am satisfied!