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The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) belongs to the Pacific 12 Schools Alliance. The magnanimity of San Francisco is a natural temperament, which is inadvertently revealed in all aspects of urban life such as food, architecture, and music. Here, in addition to the delicious, fresh and creative California cuisine, you can also eat the best French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine in the United States; here, the Victorian houses all over the city are certainly pleasing to the eye, Greece The Romanesque “Palace of Art”, the Chinatown gates with carved dragons and phoenixes, the authentic Japanese five-storied pagoda, and the restaurants painted with Italian paintings on the North Beach will make you dizzy; here, there are all kinds of big things you can expect. There are everything for art performances in the city, world-class ballet, elegant classical music, Broadway musicals, and lingering jazz, all blended into the city beat of San Francisco. All this fulfills what the American writer William Saroyan said, “If you are alive, San Francisco will not tire you; if you are dead, San Francisco will bring you back to life.”
San Francisco looks like a replica of Europe, because there are too many coffee shops here. San Francisco people’s love of coffee is almost crazy, and they tend to use coffee spoons to measure their lives. The downtown area of ​​San Francisco and the surrounding towns are connected by bridges. The colorful low-rise buildings are built on hills. There are 42 large and small hills in the city, and many streets are quite steep. The most distinctive attraction is that the steepest corner of the “Nine Roads Bay” is 20-45 degrees, and the car may not be able to climb uphill at full power. Buses in these areas can only use a special cable car.
The climate in San Francisco is warm in winter and cool in summer, with plenty of sunshine. It is known as “the most popular city among Americans.” Due to the long-term influence of the sea breeze, the daily high temperature in San Francisco in summer is usually only about 20 degrees Celsius; the rainy season is from January to April; although the winter is cold, there is little snow. The highest temperature is an average of 22° in September, and the lowest temperature is 8° in January.