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Although the good news of Australia’s founding border recently has been announced that there are no young and old.
In Victoria, all schools happily confirmed their back-to-school plans with their students.
But looking at the fact that this is a bit pitiful, and this long list of “last year” and “must return to Australia to complete the experiment” has nothing to do with most people, and will be given a priority list of overseas students who will return to Australia. ..
I believe that many international students still dare not think about being able to sit on campus and start studying smoothly in March next year.
The big names in the Australian industry are also not very optimistic about this at present…
Phil Honeywood, CEO of the International Education Association of Australia, believes that the prospects of international students returning to school in the first semester are becoming more and more problematic.
“Unfortunately, due to lack of political will, Victoria seems to miss the effective start of the first semester of 2022.”
“This will cause the state’s economy to lose full paying students for the third consecutive year.”
In contrast, Adam Shoemaker, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Victoria, is even more pessimistic. He does not expect any new international students to arrive in Melbourne in time for the first semester to start their studies.
He said that the school has hundreds of international students studying remotely outside Australia, and half of them will complete their studies by mid-2022.
He said that unless Australia’s borders can be reopened to non-citizens as soon as possible and the quarantine for fully vaccinated international travelers is lifted, there can be some hope.