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International students are looking for Beijing in California!

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Recently, the Internet celebrities pretending to be in LA at Costco in Shanghai have blown up the entire network. Blue sky, white clouds, spacious parking lot, and the exquisite clothes of net celebrities.
I live in LA and took a look at Costco next to it. Except that there are no tramps in the photo, there is an extra lawn. Well, it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Buy degree online.
But in fact, this matter is not a big deal, we just look at it with our hearts. After all, domestic Internet celebrities are looking for LA in Shanghai, but international students are in North America, pretending to live in their hometown in China.
There are also many discounts in the United States. Before the zero-yuan shopping boom, shopping malls were crowded after Black Friday. It’s just that the favorite among international students is the Double Eleven.
After all, as a big manufacturing country, from exquisite decorations to small home appliances, only after going abroad did I discover how intimate the cheap and easy-to-use made in China is. For example, a mobile phone case that can be bought for more than ten dollars in China is like this in foreign countries:
The other is the spiritual food for international students-Mahjong.
Before I studied abroad, I never understood why the students in the photo were rubbing mahjong with their hands. No one even thought of the automatic mahjong table-until I searched for a mahjong table on Amazon, I understood:
Well, imported from China with original packaging means that the price has increased six or seven times.
So even in the distant United States, Taobao is still the most wonderful thing in the world. So the overseas students all started a sea shopping frenzy.
From placing an order, transshipment, to expecting my express delivery to be delivered to my heart, the original three or four days has now been infinitely extended to nearly a month. As for the postage, please don’t think about it.
Otherwise, if there is no shipping cost of nearly 10,000 yuan, I will definitely transfer the mahjong table back.
If we can, we hope to be able to spend Double Eleven like domestically.
Of course, if I can go further, I hope that Costco at my door can be changed to Chinese supermarkets like Jingkelong, Wumart, Yonghui, and I definitely check in every day, pretending to be alive in China.